Mayan Sacrifices

Year 6 have been writing their own diary entries about Mayan sacrifices! We learnt all the gory details about the Mayan custom of sacrifice, including who, when, where and how. We then used our knowledge to write creatively from the point of view of a Mayan priest.

Here is Kayah’s writing, which Year 6 all agreed was excellent!… | 3 Kawak | 2 K’ank’in  

Dear Diary,

Today has been one of the most stressful day I’ve ever had. After all my years of being an assistant of the Mayan Temple, Chief Priest Itzel (my very strict boss) promoted me to being a full time priest. So far, I have only seen a sacrifice, never trying to do it myself, but today it was my turn. Ironically, we are in the middle of a drought so extra sacrifices have to be performed and the responsibility fell to into my hands.

So, all the other priest took me to our sacred Jaguar Temple and told me to throw an old slave down the  blood-covered stairs! I didn’t have the courage to heave an innocent and poor elderly woman down harsh stone and watch her die before my eyes (even if she was a slave!) so instead I tried persuading them to change the plan. The men in charge didn’t listen, sadly. 

“Make a sacrifice or YOU will be sacrificed. Do I make myself clear young fool?” they shouted.

I had no choice! I didn’t want to get slaughtered! I approached the fearful woman and began painting her blue with dye from fruits of the jungle. She was shivering in fear and crying which made me feel horrible. My hands were shaking as I touched her skin, although not as much as hers. 

Leading her up the giant, stone temple steps, my heat raced like the wings of a hummingbird.  I closed my eyes and as lightly as I could,  pushed the frail lady. Down she went, tumbling across the rock hard steps as she plummeted out of sight with a final heart-wrenching scream. Using my shaking hands to cover my eyes, I reeled in shock. Even though it will make the Gods happy I never want to do that again! 

I am writing this now from my bed, still regretting my actions and reconsidering if a priest’s life is the life for me.

I will write soon when I am calmer and I feel less like vomiting.