Magnificent Mathematicians

This week our math focus has been all about subtraction.
The children have worked hard to practice counting back to find the answer. The children were engaged with a range of different activities to practice their skills. This included:

  • Using dominos to write subtraction number sentences.
  • Solving missing number problems by counting back.
  • Playing cut the cake and using our subtraction skills to find the winner.
  • ‘On the bus’ subtraction. We discussed how many children got on the bus and how many got off.
  • Subtraction Smash. Smash the playdoh and write the matching number sentence.
  • Playing 4 in a row. Roll two dice. Subtract the bigger number and cover with a counter. First to four in a row wins.
  • Practicing our fast counting by sorting the numicon onto the correct number poster.

Have a look at us in action…