Learning about our local area

This week, year six walked through our local area, observing key landmarks, estimating distances between major roads and learning facts about a variety of buildings near our school. As we ventured through the Camden borough, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in Regents Park. Upon reflection, we realised that this would be the perfect place to relax and unwind after completing our SATs exams.


We were amazed to learn that Regent’s Park is 166 hectares and is home to the famous Queen Mary’s Gardens which has more than 30,000 roses.


Not only that, it is a fantastic place to enjoy some sunshine, have fun with our classmates and friends and celebrate a job well done.  Yes, this trip was a superb outlet for our hard work during our exam week but it also helped us become more knowledgeable, engaged and respectful of our local environments and community – from the historical geography of Camden Council to the current social, environmental and economic process that is shaping the neighbourhood that we live in.