Into the Jungle

This week we have had lots of fun learning about Pattern as part of our Wild animals topic. We have talked about different patterns that we see in the environment around us as well as others that we know about e.g. animal skin patterns. The children have had lots of fun exploring pattern using the Numicon and shape links and unifix cubes to create their own. They also really enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard to solve some special pattern problems.

In P4C this week the children were read the story of Dear Zoo. They were then encouraged to think about which animals would be good to have as a pet and which animals would not be good to have as a pet. They came up with some fantastic ideas e.g. having a dragon to take camping with them so that they could light their fire for them and having an elephant to put out fires so that the fireman would be able to help other people. Great job Reception!

In RE this week we talked about why Christians believe they are special to Jesus. We also listened to the parable of the lost sheep from the bible and then explored what was important in the story and the importance of God.

Thank you for a wonderful first week back!