International Food Stall- Friday 24th October at 3.30pm

What dish are you going to make for the International Food Stall?


Please bring any dish from around the globe you can think of. It can be a simple fruit kebab, or more adventurous if you wish.

All donations are welcome! Please drop off your dish either before school, or in the 30 minutes before the start of the stall (3-3.30pm).

Here are some examples of dishes you might like to make with your children:

– samosas

– gyoza dumplings

– cakes

– baked goods

– sandwiches

– wraps (fajitas)

– chicken satay skewers

– fruit skewers

– spring rolls

– chicken drumsticks/ jerk chicken

– bruschetta


Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur?

Would you like to run a stall at the event or at another event? If you come to us with your idea, the PTA will fund whatever you are selling. It’s a great way to get involved in events and an excellent way to teach your children about business! One entrepreneurial member is selling scarves at the International Food Stall… what could you sell?

Let’s get this year’s fundraising off to a great start and get involved in the fun. 3.30pm in the hall- see you there!