I am a good friend…

In Reception we have been doing lots of work around what it means to be a good friend. After reading “The Way Back Home” lots of children said they liked this story because the little boy and the alien helped each other. Many children then chose to write about why they are a good friend.

“I am a good friend because I am friendly and kind.” Zaki

“I am a good friend because I am respectful of my friends.” Andrew

The children also showed lots of good team work and helped each other during choosing time.

Elyse, Sophia, Sonia and Rinea decided to build a house for ‘Mr Stick’ together. They gathered resources and built it as a team. “It’s Mr Stick’s Birthday! He is 8 years old!” Elyse.

Varin and Ayesha worked together exploring what happens when they mixed cornflour and water. They decided they had made paint and needed to paint the fence together!

Several groups of children worked together to find ways of rescuing a teddy bear from a trap. “Rinea’s idea is good, let’s use the long stick!” Nabeeha.