History Day

Before half term holiday the whole school participated in History Day.  This was a fun day where we learnt all about the history of London and got to think about our futures as well.

After we had a special visitor from the future we got to travel back in time!  We learnt about the history of the London double-decker bus and iconic landmarks in London.  We got to make peace buttons and dance to songs from the 1960s.  We participated in Medieval games and got to play as children in Victorian times would have.  We also were able to learn all about Shakespearian times!

In the afternoon, all the classes made an envelope of letters to their future selves  to be included in a time capsule.  We buried this time capsule in the school quiet area to be dug up in the year 2066!  Think about what you might be up to 50 years from now.  How do you think London will have changed by then?

History day was a blast (from the past)!