Dinosaurs love underpants!

This week in Reception we have been learning about dinosaurs. We have absolutely loved reading the storybook of Dinosaurs love underpants which the children have found very amusing. Tuesday morning we came into class to discover a crime scene! Huge muddy dinosaur footprints! Our class underpants had been stolen! This aroused a lot of curiosity from the children. One child asked how the dinosaurs had even managed to fit through the classroom door and another asked how they could come to our classroom as they are extinct!

The children had to get very busy using their phonics to write letters to the dinosaurs to try and get our class underpants back! This was a great opportunity to practice applying our phonics in our everyday writing. Also this week the children have enjoyed taking on the role of being paleontologists looking for dinosaur bones using the tweezers to help us strengthen the muscles in our hands to support the development of our writing. We have also been busy this week completing our own surveys to find out which is the most popular dinosaur in Reception. The children did a great job with these and this was a great opportunity to continue to secure our knowledge of number.

In P4C we debated whether it would be good for the dinosaurs to still be alive, yes or no. The children provided some great responses e.g. No as they might stomp  on us as they are so big and no because they are so noisy.

Look at all for the fun we have had! Thank you for another wonderful week.