Courtroom sketching

If you walked into Year 5 this week, you might have seen a lot of guilty looking people staring into space. These were our court room models, posing for sketches as part of our Mock Court project.


For the project, we will have 2 court artists, who will document the trial through the medium of drawing. We learnt about the role of a court artists and why, in a world of cameras and videos they still exist. The children were interested to learn that in court rooms in England, no cameras are allowed, meaning that artists take the role of a photographer.


We learnt about drawing people from an angle, and how to get their profile right. Luckily Mr Lopez was on hand to show a good example! The children took turns drawing each other and made a lot of progress in their drawing. Next time, we will look at using a different medium for our drawings to build up our portfolio.