Building 3D structures.

In Maths this week, Year 3 continued to look at shape, more specifically 2D and 3D shapes. They were able to acurately named the correct number of vertices, edges and face a shape would have. Later in the week, we used nets to build 3D models and turned them into group sculptures.

In English, we started a new class read. This book is called Escape from Pompeii, and is about two young children escaping from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. The class have been writing both character and setting descriptions as well as making inferences about artefacts.

In Topic, we created our own timeline, looking at the Roman Invasion over Britain and designed our very own Roman shields.

In Science, we created our own species of flower, using pastels and had to write a fact card about this.




  1.  Egypt
  2. gym
  3. friends,
  4. cygnet
  5. myth
  6. pretty
  7. women
  8.  pyramid
  9. mystery
  10. build

Times Tables: 7 times table

Topic:  This week, I would like for the children to use their Roman shield design to make a shield from recycled materials.

For the base of the shield, I have asked the children to use a cardboard box, this can be picked up from a local shop, if they ask very nicely.

They aren’t required to paint the shield, this can be done in school.

I would just like for them to make their designs pop, using a variety of different materials.