An intruder in Reception!

This Tuesday the children came into the classroom to find a terrible mess had been made by someone overnight! The intruder had left the children some clues. They found some bones, some milk, a cup of tea, some fur and some very large footprints! They also left some letters that spelt out their name. The children did some wonderful detective work and discovered that the letters spelt out ‘tiger’. It was the ‘Tiger who came to Tea’! Lots of excitement has surrounded the children’s investigations and it has been great to see so much independent learning from the children.

“Tiger come to our class!” Samah

“I think the tiger came here by mistake. He thought it was a soft play centre!” Ellis

“The tiger is going to the nursery class. We have to warn them.” Hana

“We are building a big trap to catch the tiger.” Kaiden