A Special Visitor

As you all know, Year 2 has been learning about the Five Pillars of Islam this half term. As part of this program the children had to write a list of questions they would like to ask a practising Muslim. We were then very lucky that Nazma from the Baitul Aman Mosque agreed to visit and answer the children questions. Nazma shared her faith with us and answered lots of questions – I think we all came away from today having learnt something new!

Some of the questions the children asked were:

Why do we do Wudu before we pray?
How many Muslims are in the world?
Why do some people think the Kabbah is Allah’s house?
Why do Muslims have a direction to pray?
When you pray do you have to sit on a prayer mat?
Why do men wear white clothes when they pray?
Are Christians the same as Muslims?
Do Muslims believe that Allah created the world?

All in all, it was a thoroughly educational and interesting visit that I know the children enjoyed.
We all learnt a lot and it is so nice to welcome visitors into our school and share our learning with them.

There are a few photos of the session below.