The Nursery Travel Company

Last week in the Nursery we had a Travel Agency in the role play area.

Children approached the travel agent (Jason) and had to book their own holidays – this included:
* Writing their own name
* Choosing a destination
* Indicating how many people and who would be joining them
* Deciding on a destination or type of holiday
* Choosing accommodation (hotel, house, caravan or tent)
* Choosing a method of travel (plane, train, car, hot air balloon, bus, rocket)
* Count out an amount to pay for their holiday (between 3 – 10 coins)

After Jason had shown the Nursery children what to do they continued to engage with the activity for the remainder of the week.

This was a really rich learning activity that allowed the Nursery children to demonstrate what they are truly capable of.

You’ll find lots of pictures below.

Final Question

If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world? Where would you choose and why?