Alien monster invasion at our school!

On Wednesday, we received an email from Miss Heard which said the following:

Dear children,

As you know, our main job is to keep you all safe and happy which unfortunately means the football pitch will be out of bounds today. NO CHILDREN ARE TO ENTER WITHOUT AN ADULT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. If an adult takes you inside the pitch, you MUST be quiet, careful and follow any instruction immediately!

Last night it appears we had an intruder. The police have been unable to solve the mystery of who it was, how they got in and why they were there. We told them our children are extremely responsible and have great ideas so they would like you to help figure out exactly what happened.

At some point this morning, your adults will take you outside to investigate. It is IMPERATIVE that you do not touch anything to ensure that no evidence is disturbed! Do have a good look though and use your observation skills to come up with some suggestions.

I’ll be checking your writing for ideas to give to the police.

Good luck, keep your wits about you and be safe!

Miss Heard

After we read this message we made our way outside to see for ourselves what had happened. When we got back to class we wrote our own report detailing what evidence we had found and who we thought was responsible for it.

Take a look at the evidence we found!